Episode 52

Our 3 unexpected lessons from a modern art museum visit /52

See Michele's stunning exhibition Shared Wavelengths online at Fenton&Fenton Gallery.


Bec and Michele chat about their recent visit to the National Gallery of Victoria—which was extra special because it’s the first time they’ve met face-to-face! Meeting outside a busy Melbourne city train station was a bit overwhelming for a pair of introverts but after a cup of green tea (for the Australian) and a coffee (for the American), they were able to enjoy the modern art on display and dive into some juicy and surprising conversations.

Unfortunately the plan to record on-the-day didn’t work out, but the insights were still fresh for this session a few days later. They talk about imperfect art, surprising materials and surrendering to what wants to be made.

The book about Agnes Martin: https://www.amazon.com.au/Agnes-Martin-Painting-Writings-Remembrances/dp/1838663096/

Some videos with and about Agnes Martin:




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Michele Luminato & Bec Leigh dig into making art that matters--the messy reality of being an artist, navigating the creative process and expressing our honest (sometimes weird) selves.

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Michele is an American-born abstract artist based in Australia. She guides other artists to create and sell unique art from the heart through her Origin Art program.
Bec is an Australian artist whose abstract work combines pigment and poetry.
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