Episode 47

Are you feeling the January artist wobbles? /47

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Are you finding it difficult to get back into the studio, and into the swing of your creative practice, at this time of year? Do niggling doubts start creeping in about whether you’ve got the desire and drive to keep doing this art thing? Or if you’re even on the right path? You’re not alone!

Michele and Bec are talking about those January wobbles (which also happen at other times of the year too). It’s an opportunity to question your commitment, and come out stronger for it—to recognise the real cycles and challenges, and decide how you’re going to respond: are you acting as if success is inevitable, or are you jumping ahead to failure?

This discussion gets Michele in the mood for yelling, and Bec pulls out some helpful takeaways.


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Michele Luminato & Bec Leigh dig into making art that matters--the messy reality of being an artist, navigating the creative process and expressing our honest (sometimes weird) selves.

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Michele Luminato

Michele is an American-born abstract artist based in Australia. She guides other artists to create and sell unique art from the heart through her OriginArt program.
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Bec is an Australian artist whose abstract work combines pigment and poetry.
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