Episode 33

Are high standards keeping you OUT of the studio? /33

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Bec and Michele have a few laughs today to bring some lightness to an experience that can feel very heavy—when you find yourself completely frozen, hitting an invisible wall or just unable to make yourself practice the very thing you know you love: making art.

What does it feel like growing up as a ‘straight A’ or an ‘average C’ student, and how do we carry those lessons into our adulthood and art practice? What do we make those external expectations mean about ourselves and what stories do we internalise? (Turns out that life, and being an artist, is a LOT more nuanced than a school report card.)

As always, there are a lot of layers to unpack—perfectionism, judgment, values, self-awareness and acknowledgment, gentleness and gradual change. It seems none of these ‘hard feelings’ go away completely but neither do we need to torture ourselves with thoughts of our ‘defining suckfulness’. So hey, just be human.

We had a tech hiccup with our camera recording for this episode, so you won't be able to see all the laughing happening but you can catch up on our other videos on our YouTube channel


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Michele Luminato & Bec Leigh dig into making art that matters--the messy reality of being an artist, navigating the creative process and expressing our honest (sometimes weird) selves.

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