Episode 14

What you must let go to make your best art /14

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After two celebratory announcements, Bec and Michele dig into the very heart of what can make the creative process so painful at times—the reality that when we want to build something new, we often need to deconstruct the old first: destruction before creation.

Particularly if you're an artist feeling overwhelmed in the studio, trying to pull together multiple ideas or techniques and finding yourself frozen in analysis paralysis, it may be time to let go of some things to make the art only you can make. It takes some onion peeling (and probably tears too!) but it creates the space for something truly special to emerge.


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Michele Luminato & Bec Leigh dig into making art that matters--the messy reality of being an artist, navigating the creative process and expressing our honest (sometimes weird) selves.

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Michele Luminato

Michele is an American-born abstract artist based in Australia. She guides other artists to create and sell unique art from the heart through her OriginArt program.
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Bec is an Australian artist whose abstract work combines pigment and poetry.
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